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Happily Ever After Should Start in Virginia NOW 

This week, Governor Northam expanded guidelines for entertainment venues to have 500 patrons indoors. Outdoor venues can operate at 30 percent capacity, with no specific cap on the number of attendees​.

Somehow, weddings are considered "social gatherings," and are capped at 50 persons indoors, and 100 outdoors regardless of venue capacity. 

What event could be more regulated than a wedding where there is a list of attendees and adequate staffing to ensure guidelines are followed? 

It is unconscionable that once again Governor Northam has made arbitrary decisions that don't make sense. The guidelines for venues should be the same, regardless of the event. What could possibly be the rationale for the ongoing financial and emotional cost to these couples? 

After a crippling financial year, the revenue for small business owners in this industry is also incredibly essential. This includes coordinators, caterers, venues, bands, and tourism. Once again, we are faced with ridiculous, illogical executive orders. Grassroots action worked to get schools open. It worked to get graduation attendance expanded, and now we need your help for weddings.


Please sign and share the petition below which we will share with the Governor and his office. Also, please fill out the survey from the Virginia Dogwood Institute so that they can publish the results alongside their other references. I encourage you to share this with every bride, groom, bridesmaid, caterer, parent, venue, winery, and all of Virginia. 

Virginia Wedding Petition

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