Petition to Increase Slots for Specialty Centers

If you have a middle or high school student right now, you have likely heard about specialty centers. Specialty centers allow advanced students to take concentrated, issue specific classes at a rigorous, college-prep level.

If you have a student who has applied recently, you’re no stranger to the rigorous application process, the high student demand, and how few spots are available. Public education should be geared towards every child achieving to their greatest capacity. Students who have done the work and have the merit should not be turned away from an advanced educational experience because of bureaucracy.

How many additional specialty center slots could have been funded with the $500M Governor Northam gifted schools that weren’t meeting the basic needs for our families? If it doesn't cost the county anymore to educate a child at a specialty center versus a traditional setting, then why doesn't the county have a specialty center spot for each student who's exhibited their ability? We shouldn't be picking winners and losers in 12 year olds. 


I hope you will sign and share my petition below if you think HCPS should have enough specialty center slots for every child who is capable. 

Specialty Center Petition

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