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Dr. Siobhan Dunnavant proudly represents the people of Henrico with common sense, practical solutions that address issues that affect families everyday. She has worked to find ways to reduce the cost of higher education, health insurance, prescriptions, and taxes. Senator Dunnavant works to keep your money in your pocket.


For eight years she has advanced initiatives and reforms to improve education, healthcare, our economy, and our community. She has accomplished this by building bipartisan support. In a time of polarized politics, she has been able to gain consensus by focusing on evidence and finding solutions that are innovative and redirect the conversation to a place where many can agree. 

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After four years as a registered nurse, Siobhan went back to medical school and became an OB GYN. She started practice here in Henrico, Virginia in 1999 and has been here ever since, caring for women and delivering over 3000 babies. She is the only medical doctor serving in the Virginia legislature; it's a perspective and expertise valued by both parties and Houses. Her personal medical philosophy of Patient-Centered-Care translates well to authentic advocacy that valuably shapes conversations and decisions as laws are made. 


Always looking for a better way, Siobhan has led innovation in patient care and risk reduction, including starting the first OB Hospitalist program in central Virginia. The program employed doctors and midwives to be present in labor and delivery 24/7. This model has reduced birthing complications and become the new standard of care across Virginia. 

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With the stalwart support of her husband, Lloyd, eight months pregnant with her first child, Siobhan interviewed for acceptance to medical school. Family was more important than career but she was committed to both. She started medical school ten months later, and had their second and third child during medical school and the fourth the last year of residency. Two boys and two girls raised right here in Henrico, all graduating from Godwin High school and going on to Virginia Universities. Siobhan always managed being a full time working mother determined to find a balance that allowed her to be present for her kids and her patients, developing efficiency, fortitude, and great multitasking skills. 

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