Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Action is required to solve problems. 

Every legislator should be evaluated on what they get done.  

My mom always told us actions speak louder than words.




  • Required insurers to post procedure cost so we know what they pay. (SB1611)

  • Require health plans to send rebates to patient if they choose lower-cost options (SB1611).

  • Allowed for telemedicine prescribing and billing.(SB1009)

  • Instituted a statewide system to interconnect emergency rooms to ensure doctors have access to patient records, reducing repeat tests and overprescribing. (SB1561) 

  • Allowed medical marijuana for any condition approved by providers. (SB726)

  • Faster credentialing for mental health providers so they can get to patients faster. (SB1685)

  • Significantly expanded addiction recovery treatment services through Medicaid. (NEED LINK HERE)

  • Directed the Department of Criminal Justice to develop mental health standards for screening and treatment in jails. (SB1598)

  • Directed Community Service Boards to coordinate with jails to ensure there are mental health services available for those leaving jails. (SB1598)

  • Limit short term opiate prescribing to 5 days to decrease new addictions. (SB1232)

  • Used existing systems to look for overprescribing patterns in physicians. (SB735)

  • Allowed doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to recommend medical marijuana for any medical condition giving patients who can’t get relief from expensive prescriptions to have a low cost alternative shown to be effective for many autoimmune, inflammatory, seizure and pain syndromes. Also helping reduce the risk of death from opiate overdose by 25%. (SB1557)

  • Developed new data analytics for Virginia where agencies can safely and privately work together to help find patterns to reduce opiate abuse and improve outcomes. (SB719)

  • Protected Henrico opiate treatment clinic's licensing to ensure ongoing access with a change in ownership or management. (SB329)

  • Changed one word in the code relating to marriage and family therapy. (SB1383)




  • Redesigning Medicaid school services to get mental health providers and nursing case management into schools. 

  • Removed outdated Teacher licensing regulations. (SB548, SB549, SB 551, SB558)

  • Standardizing privacy policy between schools and community services in localities so agencies can work together to meet kid's needs and protect privacy.(SB1591)

  • Ensured classes taken at the community college count toward credit for a four-year degree to decrease cost and time to degree ”Passport credits". (SB1234)

  • Standardized community college core curriculum and guarantee acceptance by four-year programs. (SB631)

  • Expanded Online Virginia Network as a low cost online higher education alternative for Virginia. (SB724)

  • Funded internships to connect businesses to  colleges for student work experience. (SB1628)

  • Better inform students of the cost of each college option with standardized award letters making them better able to avoid debt. (SB1593)

  • Nothing




  • Nothing

  • Held HOAs accountable. (SB328)

  • Allowed localities better use depreciation tax to recruit new businesses like Facebook in Henrico. (SB268)

  • Centralized all federal funding for preschool, developed a private-public partnership for universal high-quality across Virginia. (SB1313)

  • Required posting of Human Trafficking hotline information in all medical centers where a victim might be treated. (SB725)

  • Created and criminal penalty and eventually a felony for FGM, female genital mutilation. (SB1241)

  • Ensured food trucks pay licensing fees in only one locality instead of all, ensuring they pay taxes and are able to participate in events in many neighboring localities but are not overcharged fees. (SB1425)

  • Carried legislation for 4 years to increase the Virginia individual deduction until it passed this year allowing Virginians to keep more of their earnings. (SB1631)

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