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Setting The Record Straight: Short-Term Health Plans

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

You may have seen a flyer in your mailbox recently from my opponent that claims I sponsored a bill to allow insurers to exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is not accurate and completely misleading, but typical of the type of campaign she intends to run.

The bill cited SB 844 would reform the short term “gap” coverage market to require automatic renewal up to one year. THIS WOULD PROTECT those who needed emergency coverage from renewing every 90 days and possibly being denied.

Delegate Rodman may not know this, but the short term gap coverage market has been able to apply pre-existing condition exclusions for many years, before I ever even served in the Senate. My bill made it easier for those who had no other options and wanted to avoid the risk of bankruptcy for a medical event. This is never someone’s only choice, but when they have an emergency it’s a low cost plan that can be a lifesaver.

In Virginia today fully Insured (long term plans) already cover preexisting conditions, even those that are not mandated to do so. I have never carried legislation to deny coverage for preexisting conditions and I never will. I carry legislation to expand coverage options and lower premiums.

In her two years in the House, Delegate Rodman never introduced a single bill to eliminate the short term market’s pre-existing conditions exclusions, nor an amendment to another bill. NOTHING - that is the Rodman record on healthcare.

Under the Affordable Care Act and other laws, insurance companies can’t apply pre-existing coverage exclusions for the vast amount of plans available. Rodman uses scare tactics, because she wants a government run healthcare system.

If Delegate Rodman wants to eliminate the short term gap coverage that typically gives families coverage in the case of a job loss, then she should have introduced a bill to do so.

I will continue my work to improve access to healthcare, innovate and protect those with pre-existing conditions.


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