Resources for YOU during COVID-19

Below you will find a compilation of various resources that you might find helpful during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you need additional assistance, please contact our office at

Free COVID-19 Printable Posters & Signs for Small Businesses and Organizations

Click HERE to download various posters and signage related to COVID-19 safety for your local small business.

Hurricane Preparedness:

A state of emergency has been declared by the Governor due to the potential impacts our area could face by Hurricane Isaias.

While Isaias is unlikely to bring high winds, it appears increasingly likely that Virginia may see significant rainfall from this storm. Impacts include possible flooding, high winds, and potential storm surge. 

For helpful preparation tips, visit the Virginia Department of Health.

For power outages and preparation tipsDominion: (866) 366-4357, and their outage map can be found HERE.

§16 VAC 25‐220, Emergency Temporary Standard, Infectious Disease Prevention: SARS‐CoV‐2 Virus That Causes COVID‐19.  In accordance with Va. Code §40.1‐22(6a).

On July 15, 2020 the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board adopted §16 VAC 25‐220, Emergency Temporary Standard, Infectious Disease Prevention: SARS‐CoV‐2 Virus That Causes COVID‐19.  In accordance with Va. Code §40.1‐22(6a). Click HERE to visit the document.

Here is just a brief summary:

The rules require all employers to:

  • Mandate social distancing

  • Assess their workplaces for potential exposure to the virus and the hazard levels of all job tasks

  • Mandate face coverings for employees in customer-facing positions or when social distancing isn’t possible

  • Clean and disinfect commonly used areas and equipment

  • Provide easy and frequent access to both handwashing and hand sanitizer

  • Screen employees prior to entry to work

  • Notify employees within 24 hours if a coworker tests positive for the virus

  • Bar employees known or suspected to be positive for COVID-19 from returning to work for 10 days or until they receive two consecutive negative tests

In addition to CDC and OSHA guidelines, the standard includes provisions that require employers to:

  • Provide flexible sick leave policies, telework and staggered shifts when feasible

  • Notify the Virginia Department of Health of positive COVID-19 tests

  • Notify VOSH of three or more positive COVID-19 tests within a two-week period

  • Provide COVID-19 training of all employees within 30 days (except for low-hazard places of employment)

  • Prepare infectious disease preparedness and response plans within 60 days (except for employers with 10 or less employees)

  • Post or present agency-prepared COVID-19 information to all employees

Back to School Press Conference Link

Click HERE to watch republican legislators discuss school reopenings this fall.

Emergency SNAP Benefits:

Emergency SNAP benefits will again be made available to Virginia SNAP participants for the month of July. Benefits will be automatically loaded to recipients' SNAP EBT cards on July 17. SNAP participants who are not currently receiving the max allotment as their monthly benefit are eligible for emergency SNAP benefits.

Further information can be found here on the VDSS page for SNAP benefits HERE. 

Energy Assistance:

On Friday June 26th, the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) announced that they will be accepting applications for cooling assistance through August 17. VDSS will also issue a supplemental payment, through funding by the CARES Act, to households who received fuel or crisis assistance during the most recent heating season.

Individuals and families may submit an application online via CommonHelp, by calling the Enterprise Customer Service Center at 1-855-635-4370, or through their local department of social services by Monday, August 17.

Frontline Healthcare Workers Resource:

The COVID-19 Task Force has established a website dedicated to supporting the mental health of our frontline healthcare workers HERE. The website provides information and resources for challenges related to direct care, mental health, workplace stresses, and coping mechanisms. Additionally, the website provides an opportunity to thank a healthcare worker, and for healthcare workers to tell their stories.

DMV Reopening Information:

Governor Northam has announced that on Monday, May 18, DMV will open 11 customer service centers in 7 of the 8 regions of Virginia, excluding the Northern VA region. These centers will only provide the services that can only be done in person, such as obtaining an original driver's license, original vehicle registration or title, disabled parking permits, and vital records. Service will be provided on an appointment-only basis, and customers will wait in their cars to be served.Customers can make appointments by visiting HERE or by calling 804-497-7100.

Visit their website HERE for additional reopening information.

Virginia Government COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Click HERE to visit the website's FAQ page about COVID-19

Virginia Department of Education: A Parent Guide for School Aged Children to COVID-19

Click HERE to visit the VDOE website

VPAP's COVID-19 Spread Across Virginia Graphic

Click HERE to visit VPAP's page and to see the time lapse of the spread of COVID-19 across VA.

Forward Virginia Phase 1 Safer at Home Religious Services Guidelines

Click HERE to visit the guidelines for religious services during Phase 1 of the opening of Virginia.

Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Testing Sites:

The Virginia Department of Health has created this map/list which is intended to help provide information of known locations of various COVID-19 test sampling sites. This site was discussed today during the Governor’s Update. Click HERE for more information.

Coronavirus Rumor Control:

Click HERE to access the website the Federal Emergency Management Agency created to separate facts from rumors surrounding COVID-19.

COVID-19 Virginia Resources

Virginia's Dept of Social Services, in collaboration with the Joint Information Center, has established a website to help individuals and businesses find resources to help cope with the impacts from COVID-19. It is also available in an APP! Click HERE to go to their website.

COVID-19 in Virginia

Click HERE to access the Virginia Department of Health's website.

VPAP's COVID-19 in Virginia

Data from the Virginia Department of Health shows a timeline of COVID-19 cases and statewide map showing the number of cases and deaths by locality. VPAP has added daily hospital utilization data from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. Click HERE to access.

Governor of Virginia Homepage:

Click HERE to access the website of Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam.

Governor of Virginia's Forward Virginia Blueprint for Easing Public Health Restrictions:

Click HERE to access

VA Chamber of Commerce Resource Center:

Click HERE to find a comprehensive list of resources compiled by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Virginia Department of Health, the Treasury Department, the Small Business Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

State and Local Government Action Summaries Provided by the Community Associations Institute:

These resources could be helpful for members of homeowners and condo associations.

Click HERE for State Government Action Summaries

Click HERE for Local Government Action Summaries

The Partnership Center for the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives

The Partnership Center for the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives under the Department of Health and Human Services has pulled some resources to comfort and support members of all faith based communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click HERE for more information.

Virginia Employment Commission Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Unemployment Insurance (UI)

If you are self-employed, an independent contractor or a gig worker, please click HERE for an important update from the Virginia Employment Commission.

ForRichmond's COVID-19 Government & Nonprofit Resources

ForRichmond created this portal to local government resources and key nonprofit resources that may be helpful to you, your neighbors and your congregations. Click HERE to visit their website.

March2Success Test Prep

A great resource for our teachers! March2Success offers free online standardized test prep for the ACT, SAT, MCAT, DAT, and high school STEM education. Check it out HERE.


If you, your family or friends have been wondering what you may or may not be eligible for under new federal and state regulations, this is a helpful and easy to follow tool. Click HERE to access.

Virginia Department of Elections- Upcoming Elections

We have received a lot of questions about the many changes made to the election schedule this year. HERE is a resource from the Virginia Department of Elections that clears up some deadlines and is where you can apply for your absentee ballot if you so choose.