Facebook Live 3/30- Answers

Thank you everyone who tuned in today! Come back Wednesday at 12:30 for more updates and answers. As always please email your questions to dunnavantdelivers@gmail.com. Here is a list of questions and answers from today!

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Current Numbers Update (for all of Virginia)

136 Hospitalizations

1020 tested positive

25 deaths

Because we are testing so few these numbers are more confusing than usual. We're asking everyone who thinks they may be sick to talk with their doctor over the phone, stay quarantined for 14 days, and treat yourself with regular cold medications. There is a vast number of people who have had COVID-19, have recovered from it and never have been tested. Because of this, I think it's important when looking at the data to see the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths which are consistently staying low. We had a very slow weekend at the hospital which is due to people staying home. I thank you all for that and for allowing these mild cases to run their course and prevent transmission to others. We are decreasing how many people are exposed and are at high risk and need to be hospitalized and that is so amazing.

Specific Canterbury Questions:

1) Do you believe the facility has taken sufficient action to stem the outbreak and prevent further infections and deaths?

- Yes. From specific cleaning crews to isolation guidelines, they have really taken measures to stop the spread.

2) Additionally, do you believe the nursing home's management has fully cooperated with state and local officials in trying to get this situation under control?

- Yes. There have been emergency teams to get this under control and they have absolutely cooperated and are doing everything they can to control this issue.

3) Does she consider the state and local governments' response to this problem adequate?

- Yes

4) Could you provide any insights and information about the additional risk this outbreak poses to the surrounding communities, and if it does, what additional steps, beyond the guidelines already in place, should we take to protect ourselves?

- I think the exposure for any risk from Canterbury is all in the past. If you were in public with somebody who unknowingly had the virus you may have been exposed but it has been a long time and most symptoms for those who would have shown symptoms would have already presented. I think any risk from being near those at Canterbury again is behind us.

5) Why are doctors not testing everyone if they are exhibiting symptoms?

- The first reason is a clinical reason. We don’t want anyone to come near anyone else to be tested if they are only mildly ill. We would not change how we care for that person. Any person who thinks they have symptoms of a respiratory infection needs to stay home and protect everyone from you and make sure you follow best practices when it comes to hand washing, sanitization. Call your doctor and they will walk you through what medications to take.

6) Why does a patient with a fever over 101 not qualify for testing?

- I’m not sure the answer here. You believe they would qualify unless they are talking to their doctor and the doctor believes they do not need to be tested.

General Questions:

Question 1:

Has any consideration been given to allowing nurseries and garden centers be open in their outdoor areas?

- Yes. When I saw this over the weekend, I looked it up and places like Strange’s are doing drive up services. Home supply stores are considered essential services so home repair places are open. If you do go out, practice that social distancing and sanitize when you get home.

Question 2:

Why don't we start a program in Virginia modeled after the program in South Korea? Check anyone with a fever for Coronavirus and if positive quarantine for 14 day and check all positive corona contact cases within Virginia for Corona and place a digital device on them to monitor their activity and ensure that they are staying at home in self quarantine. Also provide all positive cases with supportive measures such as food and daily hygiene needs and all necessities, so they do not leave their household.

- I think the reason we haven't done this is because everyone is doing such a good job with the request we have made to self-quarantine. This is evident by the low admissions to the hospitals. I am impressed with what South Korea did. I am not even sure where they got the devices in that quantity to home monitor, but I think that we need to do that at this time, and it won’t reduce the transmission here in America.

Question 3:

Is it safe for my healthy child, with no pre-existing health conditions, to get a job at the grocery store?

- Yes. Safe is up to the interpretation and people have different risk tolerances. Generally, people are safe to be out if you maintain social distancing and you take great care for hand washing. If you are okay with that inherent risk and your child wants to get that job and they use good precautions, then that’s something to keep in mind. We do need people in those grocery stores. It is not risk free, but it is probably reasonably safe if you are taking those precautions.