Facebook Live 4/8- Answers

Thank you everyone for tuning in to another great Facebook live this afternoon filled with so many great questions. See you all again on Friday!

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Number updates:

We are seeing a lower number of people infected and a significant drop in deaths. This is amazing and will save lives.

Curve updates:

Based on the curve the surge in VA is expected about two weeks from now. Remember these are just predictions based on data so we don't know for sure but this is a good data driven projection. Click HERE for more info.

Ways to Volunteer:

ForRichmond.org: Faith based organizations and other organizations are networking to connect with that hotline so that people can call and reach out to the volunteers in that area to make sure that that person that needs a grocery delivery or needs assistance can actually get the assistance because the man power needed will be in place through volunteers. You can sign up at ForRichmond.org if you go to their COVID-19 tab and sign up. They will build you into that network so you can help people who are having to stay home get the help they need.

Loving Lunches: Richmond Academy of Medicine is putting together this regional program to provide meals to those healthcare workers on the front lines. This is in the ERs, testing in the parking lots, wherever they are RAM will get them pre packaged meals so we can feed these healthcare providers who we are so grateful for and who are working so hard. We want to stand with them by making sure they have food while keeping us safe.

Click HERE for more information.

CDC updates? Discussion of masks in public, etc?

They are recommending that you wear a mask in public. Remember that this is a virus different from many we have seen and is spread by droplets. You are not necessarily wearing that mask to protect yourself as much as you are to protect others. If you are a carrier and are asymptomatic then you need to protect those around you from the droplets you may accidentally spread by spit or sneeze.

Question 1:

Any truth to Type A blood types being more susceptible to COVID 19?


No. These studies reviewed data in China and noticed there were more people diagnosed that had Type A blood. This is not causative. This is an interesting finding but we don't really know why that relationship is there yet.

Question 2:

Why are golf courses considered essential?


It's not that they are considered essential but they are not non-essential (all of which were closed).What was closed was any business that would violate the idea of safe proximity or ability to practice social distancing. This is a problem because I know people are worried about some places still not taking proper precautions. It is the business responsibility to make sure people keep that social distance which is challenging and frustrating. We don’t want to just shut everything down. There needs to be some judgement people use to make sure they decrease their risk of infection. We are expecting people to do this without mandating or criminalizing. We want to decrease this virus and we need everyone to be respectful of this to get Virginia back on track.

Question 3:

Can you discuss Canterbury Rehab facility being a hotspot for coronavirus? Is there any contact tracing being done on the staff?


What happened here is that there was early exposure and even though they were taking proper precautions it was not realized. When all this started we were taking precautions and distancing from those who had been exposed or who were symptomatic. At Canterbury there were many many people who were asymptomatic and were spreading this virus without knowing it. They have now tested all staff and residents and taken extreme precautions to get this under control.

Question 4:

What, if anything, has been decided about elections that are to take place in Virginia before the June 10 stay-home order ends?


The elections are due for June 9th still. I am not sure what the after peak or after surge looks like so we will have to all figure that out together based on data and evidence. Several ways this can change. The governor is able to push these elections by 2 weeks in the event of an emergency, he could send down an order to us during reconvene in two weeks, and there is potential for the legislature to initiate something to make a date change with a special session.If not there is also absentee ballot voting in Virginia by mail or in person and “illness” is an approved reason. We want to make sure we find a way so that these elections are vibrant and secure and we preserve our constitution and freedoms.

Question 5:

Are small-business owners with no payroll eligible for relief in the form of forgivable loans?


At the moment no. They are eligible for loans top help with small business. They payroll forgiveness loans are very specific under the payroll protection act. Right now if it is used for other things it will probably have to be paid back at a low rate but that's still in the works at the federal level. I would reach out to your congressmen and senators and ask them about that.

Question 6:

How soon do you think it will be before there’s more general testing to identify those who may have already had COVID-19 (and thus immune) and not know it? It seems they would be ideal candidates for donating blood to help those inflicted and to work in the high risk essential jobs/areas.


We know how to do that now and test for antibodies now. I would say that in general no immunity is 100%. Presumably you cant get it again but we need more data to know for sure.