Facebook Live 3/25- Answers

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Thank you everyone who watched and submitted questions. I look forward to talking with you all again on Friday(3/27) at 12:30! Don't forget to send your questions ahead of time to dunnavantdelivers@gmail.com.

Here is a list of the answers provided on the Facebook Live today.

Medical related questions:

Question 1: What do you do if you think you have COVID-19?

Answer: If you have symptoms now -- which would be a cough, a fever, you think you've been exposed, or are concerned -- call your doctor. Do not go in. Most things are handled over the phone or through Telemedicine. Only if you look like you are becoming more ill and might need hospitalization are you likely to get tested. The other testing we have is being reserved for health care workers so we make sure they don't expose anyone they’re providing care for. We only test for things when it will change how we take care of you. So for now the people who will be tested are people who are symptomatic and look like they are very ill and need ongoing care and we need to decide what that care will be, or a health care worker we may need to isolate.

Question 2: Can the virus be transmitted through the mail or through packages? IE mail and food packages.

Answer: Yes. This virus can live on packages. Best practices that are being shared are: open the box outside of your home, take out the contents of the box, leave the box outside your door, bring the contents inside and spray down with Lysol, then wash whatever you used to open the box and your hands.

Question 3: Seems there should be a push to test massively ( as Virginia has not been hit that heavily - yet) to "get ahead" of the virus, by identifying all people currently infected, including the mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, quarantine them, and trace contacts. Hopefully the "social distancing and business closures slows the spread enough this can be done. Otherwise, are we accepting gradual spread until we reach "herd immunity"? I hope not. What do our epidemiologists think regarding this?

Answer: Not everyone will be tested. This is much more like the common cold with the exception that people who do get sick and who are at risk are getting extraordinarily ill. What we are trying to do is to conserve resources and decrease transmission to those that will become terribly ill so that the resources we do have in the health care community can be used to make sure these individuals safely recover. 98% of people who have this will recover.

Question 4: If a person contracts the coronavirus, will they have immunity for further infections of the virus?

Answer: Yes. Once you develop immunity to COVID-19 then you are going to likely be protected from that virus going forward. You have long-lasting antibodies that confer lifelong protection period now the COVID-19, this specific virus, has not been mutating like the flu where we need a new vaccine each year. As they have been observing it in the lab thus far it has been quite stable so as we develop immunity that means you should be protected in the future and even more importantly if we can develop a vaccine it will help confer herd immunity.