Facebook Live 5/20- Answers

I’d like to make one correction from Monday: incidents of deaths from COVID in the U.S. is 29 out of 100,000 people. In France, Italy and the U.K., the number is about 58 out of 100,000 people. Looking at a variable that has a stable denominator, the whole number of deaths is higher because our overall population is higher, however our death rate is better than most other countries.

Question 1:

What’s being done at daycares to keep children safe?


Daycares have been open this whole time, but not all of them. If you need to know which are open, there’s a link on my website that shows which places are open all over Richmond. They’ve developed procedures to keep people safe.

Question 2: What are your thoughts on public schools reopening in the fall?


I believe we can do it, and we can do it safely. We can learn policies and procedures that have worked elsewhere. With rigorous processes, we can decrease transmission. The Constitution of Virginia says that education is to be governed by localities, so the decision making is closer to the people. The local school boards have the power. I’ve heard three possibilities for schools: we start back with virtual education and transition to in-person classes at the beginning of the school year, I’ve also heard of students going back to in-person to start the school year, and I’ve also heard that there’s the possibility of a hybrid.

Question 3:

Does Northam’s reopening plan put businesses at risk for bankruptcy if there’s no risk of hospitals being overrun?


I think our businesses are already at risk of bankruptcy, and the longer we delay reopening, the more jeopardy is placed. I think we should’ve opened last week, and entered phase 1. I don’t like that we keep flipping back and forth. Good decision making makes things easier for everyone, an unpredictable market is the worst thing for businesses. There should have been the diligence of a vetted conversation. Businesses made many recommendations, but never heard anything back. This needs to be done in a more structured way so businesses know what to do. Businesses need a reliable expectation.

As for hospitals, from the projections I’ve seen, there doesn’t seem to be a big risk for a spike in the fall. We’ve been watching other states, and there hasn’t been a spike in those other states. My prediction is that we’re going to have an indolent course of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths until we either figure out how to completely deal with this, or we have a vaccine. However, there should not be a catastrophic spike.

Question 4:

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