Facebook Live 5/13- Answers

There will be some announcements from the Governor this afternoon outlining what phase 1 will look like. We’re going to repost the CDC recommendations for businesses as they reopen for things like disinfectants, best practices, etc. We’ll get that up for you so you can see the information.

There was an article in the Richmond Times Dispatch about federal spending. As the federal government goes deeper into debt, it’s important to remember that Virginia has a balanced budget. I think that’s a better legislative position to be in. I am concerned about some things they want to spend money on, there have been proposals to spend money on things other than taking care of COVID such as bailing out the post office, and census gathering. I am also concerned because I’ve heard additional allocations will be made to states who have not shown the fiscal discipline that Virginia has demonstrated. I don’t think Virginia taxpayers should have to pay to bail out other states. I am against federal spending for anything other than fighting COVID so we can stimulate the economy when it opens back up.

After our Facebook Live on Monday, I posted the article I was referencing. There are patterns of data that support the idea that staying home is not reliable enough to prevent transmission of COVID. One piece of data on that is New York’s experience of 66% of those who were positive had been compliant with stay at home. The study posted on Monday showed that, in places where they did masking and maintained social distancing, that was more effective than just staying home. If we can get people to be compliant with wearing masks then we’ll be as safe as staying at home, and still able to stimulate the economy.

Question 1:

Did Governor Northam’s cancellation of public schools for the remainder of the school year actually meet approval and become a chance of policy?


No, it did not. Executive orders are not statewide policy, they are emergency interventions. As soon as the legislature can get back into a special session, we can consider policy changes that have to go through the legislature in order to make that change.

Question 2:

Are DMV workers furloughed as the DMV is not open? If not, why not?

Answer: We checked with the DMV, they aren’t furloughed. We’ve asked the Governor’s office, we haven’t received a straight answer. But from what I understand, the state hasn’t furloughed anyone. The state implemented its own employee protection plan, we will have to budget for that, but we didn’t want state workers to not have any income. To my knowledge, no state employees have been furloughed. If that answer is different, I will get back to you.

Question 3:

What about the WHO article about masks not preventing the transmission of the virus?


That is an article that has left a lot of questions unanswered. This article found that the virus did get through a mask, but this does not tell us about someone who’s asymptomatic.

Question 4:

Will we be allowed to vote in person? Or will we have to vote by mail? If so, is it too late? Answer:

When we look at voting, the first election coming up is in May. I will get back to you with a Facebook post about local elections. May elections have been postponed at least two weeks. I will get back to you about special elections and make sure you can vote in your local elections. After that are the primaries and those are in June, but those have been pushed back a few weeks. I’ll have all that information laid out and put that on the website.

We’ll reconvene again on Monday. Be safe, and I’ll talk to you next Monday!