Facebook Live 4/6- Answers

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Review of New Numbers

  • 2,878 cases diagnosed

  • 497 Hospitalized

  • 54 deaths

The curve I reference in the video can be found HERE:

These graphs are constantly being updated based on some good data.

The State Budget is a constant conversation being had. Reconvene is two weeks away and we will be going over anything we have covered in the last session. It would not surprise me if a special session is called to figure out what we will do about coronavirus because there will have to be a lot of changes to the budget. I am confident that the Governor is going to send down changes and expectations and in fact has already asked his agencies to freeze hiring, to not initiate any new programs and spend money unless necessary, until we figure out where we are. Secretary Lane of Finance has already come out and said that there will be $2 billion less a year in revenue and so we will really need to cut costs. How that is done is a conversation we will have going forward, but it will be a fixed number. We have money in the rainy day fund that we don’t want to use all at once but we have checks and balances in Virginia because we have worked hard to be fiscally responsible.

Loving Lunches

Richmond Academy of Medicine is putting together this regional program to provide meals to those healthcare workers on the front lines. This is in the ERs, testing in the parking lots, wherever they are RAM will get them pre packaged meals so we can feed these healthcare providers who we are so grateful for and who are working so hard. We want to stand with them by making sure they have food while keeping us safe. Click HERE for more information.

Question 1:

I just heard on C-Span from a doctor that this may be airborne, what information do you have on that.


When we talk about airborne that means it is not attached to something but just in the air. It is not impossible that COVID-19 could be airborne and it is being researched as fast as possible. Based on the info that we have so far this virus appears to be associated with droplet formation and not airborne. The exception is that certain procedures we do in the hospital, even when someone is ventilated, can aerosolize and in the air. The best data we have as of now is that as long as you are not in one of those hospital settings the virus is not in the air.

Question 2:

What should I do if my loved one is in a nursing home and I learn there is a positive case in that home?


You need to talk with that home and find out what precautions that have been taking over the weeks in your loved ones home. You basically want to determine their risk of exposure. Then, You want to talk with them about what is in your loved one’s best interest. It is likely that the home acted very quickly to take extraordinary precautions to make sure that they protected residents against exposure.

The other question is whether there is a value to bringing your loved one to your home. You need to consider: What if they need more medical care then you can provide?, What happens if they get sick while in your home?, Have they already been exposed and could they bring that into your home?, or Would you have been exposed and possibly give it to them?

Not an easy question but talk with your loved ones doctor and the home and find out what's the best option for both of you.

Question 3:

Does the testing for COVID-19 give a distinct indication for COVID-19 or does it show positive for all Corona Virus strains?


It is specific for COVID-19. As I have discussed before there are many strains of Corona Virus and COVID-19 is the one that causes the inflammatory response(SARS) in the lungs so we want to test specifically for that Corona Virus.

Question 4:

Are there any updates on staying home until June 10th?


I do not have any updates. Based on that curve prediction it does look it won't be until the end of may or beginning of June that we will be off of that high peak of people dying and being really critically ill.

Question 5:

Are the Flu deaths included in the virus pandemic?


No. That is measured separately.