Facebook Live 4/20- Answers

I want to follow up on a few things, we received data from the Virginia Department of Health:

Deaths are now at 300. We are not at the peak yet for Virginia, the peak is targeted to be a week from today. The University of Washington health data moved the date from the 27th. The peak is much lower than anticipated, what we are doing is working!

Looking at Virginia Healthcare Hospital Association (VHHA) data, the number of people estimated to be in the hospital now is estimated to be about 1,300, about 828 are COVID positive, and the other 468 are waiting for tests to come back.

We have adequate supply chains to make sure our hospitals are stacked and staffed.

Two important pieces of data not included in the analysis of who is at risk:

  1. Is there an age factor that causes significant risk?

  2. What about those with chronic disease?

Neither of these questions have been applied to the analysis of the curve, and both are important factors to consider.

Nearly all of the deaths are from those 65+ and older, and those 55 and younger are at less of a risk.

What does all this mean?

What this means is that we took extraordinary precautions when this began in February and March, and that has been ratcheted up to the stay at home order for the state. We do not have a shelter in place order, that is different. Our recommendation is that you stay home if you can, don’t gather in groups larger than 10, and practice social distancing to make sure you decrease the rate of transmission.

Question 1:

Ads were seen online for COVID antibody testing saying that testing was available locally, are these tests accurate and who should be taking them?


To my knowledge, there is a lot of controversy about the tests. I have not seen any antibody tests that are out and have been properly vetted and approved. I can’t comment on reliability. There is not a strategy now to implement antibody testing.