Facebook Live 4/13- Answers

Good afternoon! I have a few updates for everyone.

Curve Update:

The curve continues to flatten. Based on projections we have, we expect we will be at the peak of the curve on the 20th. Based on the latest reports, we have capacity to take care of everyone in Virginia who requires a ventilator and ICU bed.

Numbers Update:

There are now 150 deaths in Virginia, and about 40 of those deaths have been at Canterbury. There have not been any deaths in several days.

Question 1:

If the curve flattens, will the Governor roll back his June 10th stay at home order?


If we get to the place where that is safe, I think he will. There is still a lot of uncertainty beyond the crisis point, but we would love to open the economy.

Question 2:

If the virus is so bad, why are hospitals laying people off, and why are emergency rooms empty?


Hospitals have shut down everything else, except for capacity for emergencies and COVID cases. We don’t want hospitals filled with those who could get exposed, that’s why there are no elective surgeries. That is also why people are being furloughed, but we are looking to bring those people back to take care of COVID patients.

Question 3:

When will antibody tests become more widely available?


Antibody tests are being checked for reliability and waiting for approval to be used. We still don’t know how they will be distributed. It takes between 2 and 12 weeks to develop antibodies that are long term. For example, someone could carry the virus but not show symptoms and be developing immunities, and someone else could initially be negative for antibodies but become positive for antibodies in the future.