Facebook Live 4/10 - Answers

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Hello everyone, Happy Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family, maybe even through Zoom!

Number Update:

Deaths have doubled this week in Virginia. We are up to 121 deaths, and 777 hospitalizations. There are some anti-inflammatory chemicals that can be used during the viral phase such as hydroxychloroquine, but there is also a second phase, the inflammatory phase. Using IL-6 inhibitors that focus on a certain part of your immune system, specifically help in the lungs. From a treatment standpoint, things are getting better, but we do have more patients that are sick.

Health Data and Projections:

The peak for Virginia should be April 20th. We have sufficient resources to take care of everyone, and there will be about ⅓ fewer deaths than originally anticipated. Now, the approximate number is about 900. We are seeing the curve begin to tick up because more people are being diagnosed.

Question 1:

Why aren’t the residents and healthcare workers at Canterbury not taking hydroxychloroquine as a prevention, like you would for malaria?


We don’t have any studies to show that taking those medications prevents this virus, unlike malaria. These people are being followed daily by the Department of Health and so are all their contacts. Those individuals at Canterbury are also not filling in shifts at other nursing homes. Some are filling prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, but we don’t have any data on that, and we are trying to remain very data driven.

Question 2:

Should essential employees and construction workers who are having a hard time with their dust masks, use alcohol on them, or leave them in the sun?


There is no data on that either. These masks are to prevent you from coughing or spitting, or transmitting it to someone else in the case that you are an asymptomatic carrier. Wearing a mask is mostly to protect others. Many of these masks are meant to be disposable and meant to be thrown away. If they are wet or soiled, they should be thrown away.

Question 3:

Why was June 10th chosen for a stay at home order?


June 10th was the furthest out that they thought it was going to be. This was a way of telling us all the worst case scenario, which could be pulled back, as opposed to a more reassuring date that would ultimately have to be pushed. This was the Governor’s decision.

Question 4:

Can mosquitoes carry the virus since they get blood from people?


No one knows the answer. This is more of a droplet infection which could solely be in your mucus membranes, and not in your blood.

Question 5:

Are people giving their CPAP machines to hospitals to use?


Right now, hospitals are okay on ventilators. We have adequate access to ventilators for those who are ill in Virginia.

Question 6:

What is the peak and possible resolution of COVID?


The best numbers we have now from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation HERE, says the peak will be April 20th, the peak will go down after that, until the end of May. Things will appear to be largely resolved by June. This does not mean that social distancing will go away, this simply means that we will then have to have a plan for herd immunity, and to prevent another curve and another peak.

Question 7:

Do I have to wear a mask if I am just going for a walk alone?


No, if you’re by yourself, you are okay.

Question 8:

What about A+ blood type?


More testing will have to be done, but at this time there is no higher correlation between infection and A+ blood than any other type.

Question 9:

What about ticks?


Similar to mosquitoes, at this time we just don’t know.

Question 10:

What about taxes?