Facebook Live 4/1- Answers

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There has been a lot of confusion around Governor Northam’s Stay at Home Order from Monday.

EO 55 is not much different than EO 53. EO 55 closed public beaches, private campgrounds, and institutions of higher education.

Restaurants can still operate with curbside and delivery services.

Businesses not considered “recreational and entertainment businesses” are still able to operate with proper social distancing.

You can travel to and from work.

There is not a curfew like we’ve seen in other states.

Enforcement of these guidelines remains the same from earlier orders. A violation is deemed a class 1 misdemeanor.

I will have both of these executive orders linked below.

Discussion of CDC guidelines and the need to stay at home when you can.




Information regarding the curve of COVID-19 HERE

Question 1:

I understand that the Governor has been on several calls with Legislators, but, to date, has not addressed the EO55 end date of June 10. Do you have any further information as to why this date has been chosen, given that it is not in line with the Federal guidelines as they now stand?

Answer: I am not sure. This has been asked of the governor and we are waiting for an answer. I would have preferred that we have a stay at home order until the end of April or mid May and then re-evaluated then. I thin realistically by looking at the curve, that we will be putting out fires till the end of April and we will be at a stay at home order. Depending on how that curve plays out that will determine when we can go back to more normal.

Question 2:

Where can we find out information on what help is available for the self employed?

Answer: There are a variety of small business loans and tax credits that small businesses can get to help them through this event. This includes paying for your employees salaries. Please read the information I have complied on my website HERE. One tip is to talk to your local banker for your business because they will be the ones really giving this support so they will have better answers for you too.

Question 3:

Can we collect some essential supplies for NY and ship them?

Answer: I am not sure but I will find out. I know there is a coordinated effort that is through state and local governments that is to address that.

Question 4:

Can you explain why we feel there is going to be a huge surge coming in the next week?

Answer: We are relying on the information HERE. What this is doing is plotting people who are going to be ill, how many hospital beds we are going to need, how many ventilators, etc. This is calculated from what we know about the virus: how long it takes from exposure to actual illness, information from other countries from when they first noticed the virus to when they saw surges, etc. So we are tracking everything based on how it has played out in other places and applying that to the data about the incidents of COVID-19 that we have seen in the U.S.. From that we are trying to extrapolate a predicted curve based on all this information and data points we have. Everyday we receive more data which makes our predictions even more accurate.

Question 5:

My husband's unemployment is running out in a week, will his unemployment be extended? No one is really hiring right now.

Answer: Yes. They are making extensions for anything that is going to lapse whether it is TANF dollars or social services. We will get you exact information on any of these so please be sure to email us so we can get that specific information over to you.