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In Virginia: 7337 tested:

604 tested positive for COVID-19 (this is 8% of those who tested)

83 of those hospitalized

14 deaths(only 2% of those who tested positive)

  • We are seeing these low numbers because people are doing the right thing and staying home to stop the spread of this virus.

  • We are very close to rapid testing which means we will be getting results in hours instead of days.

  • If not disinfected the virus can live up to 24 hours on cardboard and 72 hours on stainless steel. A new study came out about samples collected after two weeks on a cruise ship. This study isn't very helpful because even though they could get samples they had no evidence as to how infectious it was.


The best medical practice here is that people who are high risk get tested. Tests are flawed. They can have a false negative rate which means that you could be tested, think you're not contagious, and still be contagious. This is why staying home and self-quarantining if you have a fever or cough is so important.

Health Related Questions

Question 1:

How safe is take out food?


With best practices that we have, especially with the people delivering the takeout taking precautions seriously, I would treat it the same as a delivery from Amazon. This means leave the bag on your porch, take the food out, and disinfect what you can. There has been evidence to show that if you microwave your food you most likely will be killing the bacteria so maybe even microwave your takeout to be sure it's safe.

Question 2:

Have there been any discussions on repealing COPN so there w