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Doctor's Note: Remediation Testing

As a parent, I was fortunate that my daughter was ready for college classes the day she received her high school diploma. But many students in Virginia aren’t, with as many as 46% of those enrolling in Virginia Community Colleges after earning a standard diploma having to enroll in a remediated math class.

Graduating from high school with an appropriate level of understanding in basic mathematical concepts is vital in order to be well prepared for any higher education program. To help our kids know where they stand as they prepare for higher ed classes, why not begin offering the math remediation test administered upon enrolling in Community College during high school?

That’s why I proposed SB713, which will allow the standard math remediation test for Community College to be offered during high school. By offering the test in high school, students won’t have to pay to take the test AND enables students to take these remediation classes before graduating high school rather than paying for them at a community college.

We have a duty through our K-12 education system to ensure our students are learning basic math knowledge. That includes making sure students going on to community college are ready.

There is concern about funding for this test. I believe we have already appropriated the funds to ensure the math knowledge is completed before completing high school. If you believe this elective test should be offered in high school, please contact your State Senator to let them know - it is up for a vote in the Education Committee on Wednesday morning.

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