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Critical Thinking: SB70 - Firearm sales; Criminal history record information check; Penalty

Updated: Jan 18

Today I voted for SB 70 because I believe it has the potential to prevent gun violence by preventing people who should not have guns from purchasing them. It does not obstruct law abiding Virginians from their second amendment rights. I have many times been told by my second amendment advocate constituents that they already get background checks if they sell a gun to someone they do not know. I have consistently and strongly asserted that gun owners are not the problem but instead the example of gun safety.

I would not have supported this bill in its original form but after debate it was amended.

  • This bill does not apply to transfers of guns between family or friends.

  • It only applies to sales, period.

  • It does not include a gun registry. In fact it keeps the exact same laws regarding state police destruction of background check in 30 days.

  • This amendment also reduced the offense from a felony to a misdemeanor.

In the recent shooting in Texas a gunman went on a rampage along a 10 mile stretch around Midland and Odessa killing seven people and injuring many more. The shooter failed a background check in 2014 and then purchased the firearm he used via a private sale with no background check.

I do see that there is an unnecessary burden when selling to a well known friend or family member.

I support the second amendment.

As a physician I believe in prevention.

As a mother I want action.

I believe this bill as amended accomplishes all three.

- Legislation in the original form (I did not support/vote for this version of the bill)

- Amended Legislation (what I support/voted for )

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