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Parents should have a fundamental role in their children’s education.  

My opponent, a teacher, voted against parental notification of sexually explicit material. He chose to stand with teachers unions that continue to drive a wedge between teachers and parents.

When I was growing up, my parents and teachers were on the same team to nurture and guide me and hold me accountable. 

As a working mom, I fought to be present in my childrens’ lives and education. I am grateful that my kids’ teachers valued and respected my perspective. 

As a doctor, I know kids grow up at their own pace and “age appropriate” guidelines are no match to the insight parents have about their child's development and growth. Not every child is as mature as their age, and parents know their kids best. 


That's why I carried the bill to ensure parents are notified about sexually explicit curriculum in our schools. Because this legislation makes so much sense, I was able to build bipartisan support and pass that bill.

I am proud to serve you as your Senator, and fearless to do the work needed to make your family's life better.  I hope to earn your vote for reelection so I can be your voice of reason and  continue to empower parents and rebuild the unified parent-teacher team.


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