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What have I done for Education?

Get the facts below!

Public education innovation opens doors to possibility, and after schools were closed for too long, we have never needed new ideas more than now. 

My opponent is opposed to innovation in public education. He has voted against lab schools, charter schools, and voucher programs, even for families that cannot afford to move to a better school district and are stuck in failing schools.

In contrast, I have advocated for common sense options to ensure every child gets a quality education. 

As a doctor, I know education is the cornerstone of opportunity and directly affects lifelong health. As a mom, I know we can't keep doing things the same way and make up for lost time. We must rethink and focus on each child and not the education oligarchy led by teachers unions.  


I am proud to serve you as your Senator. I hope to earn your vote for reelection so I can continue to fight for our kids, public school innovation AND funding so we can ensure our children's future with a good education. 

Results Matter!

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What I've Done:

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