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What have I done to deliver bipartisan results?

Get the facts below!

Every bill I have ever passed has required bipartisan support. That's how I get things done and it's the way I want to serve.  I start with what we have in common and use Innovation, authentic relationships and sincerity to build consensus. There are lots of problems we all want to solve and finding solutions that help everyone's constituents has a way of making the “aisle” irrelevant. 

My Mom always told me that it's not enough to complain. I had to be part of the solution. That's why I ran for office. Thanks Mom! 

As an OB GYN, serving in the Senate is a different way I can help my patients. Every day my patients tell me about their  medical issues AND family issues. I listen and learn. As a doctor I know 80% of a diagnosis is made by listening. The same is true with legislating.  As the only physician in the legislature, I bring a unique perspective, a composite of many voices and serve as a reliable source for medical issues.

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Reason, decorum, solutions and consensus are the principles of my service as your senator. That makes tough choices easy so I can serve you and not party politics.

Results Matter!

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What My Opponent Has Done:

What I've Done:

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